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    Bonnie Wertenberger - 1-877-873-7232 Ext. 2259 - bonnie.wertenberger@paec.org

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    The PAEC-FLVS Franchise serves our member districts by helping them to fulfill their virtual classroom needs. Every district has different needs for their students and virtual courses allow the flexibility to fulfill many of those needs.The following are commonly asked questions about what we can offer you through the PAEC-FLVS Franchise:

    • How much does PAEC-FLVS charge for their courses? PAEC-FLVS charges $275 per semester credit. The $275 includes the students’ curriculum, textbook, and teacher. This is a considerable savings over other shared-FTE alternatives.
    • What courses does PAEC-FLVS offer? PAEC can offer any course that FLVS offers (provided we can find a teacher and, given the time, we usually can).
    • Can a PAEC-FLVS course be used in a blended environment? YES! Whether you have a facilitated lab and PAEC-FLVS provides the curriculum and teacher or you have a teacher and PAEC provides multiple curriculums, we are here to help. The virtual classes offer the ability to accommodate most any situation. Do not be afraid to think out of the box and let us help you resolve your situation.
    • Can I use other virtual providers? YES! PAEC is not here to replace your current providers. We are only asking for you to choose us for your Florida Virtual School courses.
    • Can PAEC-FLVS be used for home-schooled students? YES! If a student is registered with your county, they can enroll in courses through the PAEC-FLVS Franchise. (Note: home-school enrollment is at the district’s discretion.)
    • What instructors does PAEC-FLVS use for their virtual courses? All of our instructors hold a valid Florida teaching certificate (or an industry certification) in the subject area for which they teach. All instructors are required to be screened through the statewide vendor database. We do our best to hire teachers from our member districts whenever possible. If you have a highly qualified teacher that you would like to recommend to teach the students in your district or in a blended classroom we will gladly train them for virtual school instruction.
    • How can we help you? There are many ways virtual courses can be implemented. The availability of virtual courses can give your students access to a broader range of curriculum that isn’t possible in the constraints and budgets of a traditional brick and mortar school building. We are happy to hear your ideas and help you come up with a solution to offer coursework that wasn’t available to your students in the past. If you have any ideas or questions about virtual courses please do not hesitate to contact us.Student with her laptop


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